SBC in schools

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Fresh air, pleasant room temperatures and optimum air humidity – particular needs must be taken into account in schools. One of the main objectives is to improve the energy efficiency of school buildings and educational institutions. The focus here is on making the rooms far more comfortable. At the same time, transparency ensures that everyone in the school understands and supports the measures.

In schools, optimizing room conditions even where rooms are used for very different purposes is a priority. A study carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics in 2010 revealed that schools operate normally only 26% of the time.* For the remaining time, needs-based control has the potential to achieve huge savings. The solutions from SCB adapt intelligently to the specific situation and take into account all relevant parameters such as the air quality, room and outdoor temperature, and building behaviour. The open standards also make it easy to integrate lighting and shading controls as well as meters to capture consumption data.   

The requirements as regards conditions in teaching and recreation rooms are becoming increasingly complex. The following questions need to be asked when fitting out existing or new buildings with the relevant technology:

  • To what extent can modern system technology improve students’ performance?
  • Can the intelligent linking of heating, ventilation, shading and lighting save energy?   
High energy efficiency – low costs

When it comes to choosing the right technology, not only energy efficiency plays a major role (savings of around 70% can be made here). 30% of heating and electricity costs too can be saved with an intelligent room automation system.  

Optimum room conditions for better performance

Optimum heating regulation, modern ventilation concepts and the perfect integration of the various systems ensures the best possible room conditions. To minimize energy consumption, it is also important to take into account whether a room is occupied or vacant. A constant room temperature and a pleasant room humidity also help to permanently improve the performance of students and teachers. This applies not only in classrooms but also to sports halls.  

As an automation specialist for modular control and regulation products in buildings, industry and infrastructure, SBC has comprehensive expertise in this field. With their outstanding durability and compatibility, our products ensure greater sustainability, comfort and energy efficiency – and of course optimum room conditions.

*Source: Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, “Besseres Lernen in energieeffizienten Schulen”, Stuttgart, 2010.