Overcoming distances

Remote control and accessRemote control made easy

A system must be checked regularly to ensure it functions correctly. Under certain circumstances, this can be a major challenge – especially if the system is made up of a number of stations spread across a wide area.  In order to minimize the outlay and costs, we recommend the use of SBC products for the remote operation of systems.

Everything can be controlled – even remotely

Each individual station within a system regularly produces data regarding its current status. These status reports can be remotely accessed – and intervention is possible if necessary. For example, the pumping stations of sewage works can be remotely operated by controlling valves or pumps within the pump network.

The individual branches of a bank can also be remotely controlled on a separate basis. For example, energy consumption can be controlled at the push of a button. Irregularities, such as unusual operating conditions, can also be detected. Immediate reaction is then possible via remote control and remote access.  

Central remote control in all areas

Remote control offers enormous benefits not only in building automation but also when it comes to infrastructure as well because monitoring the utilities, even of large communal facilities, is easy. For example, 104 transverse tunnels in the Lötschbergtunnel are remotely controlled from the control centre in Spiez.