Light at the end of the tunnel

Tunnel infrastructureTravelling safely

When it comes to ensuring an efficient, safe yet future-proof tunnel infrastructure, the demands are very high. Many functions need to be coordinated: signalling, ventilation, climate control, electricity, communication and lighting – and not just for the road tunnels but also for the cross-connections which can be numerous in longer tunnels.

A high level of automation is needed in tunnel infrastructures. Each of the systems, whether it be signalling, ventilation, climate control, electricity, communication or lighting, represents an infrastructure in itself. Communication within the systems varies from provider to provider. Different protocols and various interfaces demand special software solutions which are expensive for operators to procure and complex and difficult for system integrators to coordinate.

SBC products allow end-to-end communication across disciplines and levels – from the field level with ventilation, climate control and electrical components, to the automation and management levels. Their great flexibility enables you to react at any time to expansions or extensions and adapt SBC products accordingly. Integration into a SCADA system (supervisory control and data acquisition) also allows technical processes to be monitored and managed.

Open to all protocols

The basic Saia PCD units support numerous protocols and interfaces. Onboard, these include USB, Ethernet, RS-232, IP protocols such as HTTP, FTP and SMTP as well as serial protocols via standard interfaces such as RS-422/485 (Modbus, Profibus, S-Bus). When it comes to pluggable modular interfaces, they support dedicated communications systems (M-Bus, DALI), serial interfaces, BACnet, LonWorks as operating system expansions and other specific protocols via user programs. What is more, up to 15 interfaces are possible per Saia PCD controller.