Greater flexibility for greater individuality

Modular expandabilityExpandable hardware/software and functions

The modular structure of the Saia PCD device series allows a particularly high level of flexibility for individual functional requirements and future developments. This makes the PLC-based technology particularly sustainable. It can be adapted and expanded flexibly regardless of how the environment (hardware and software) or automation requirements change.

With our adaptable and reliable modular Saia PCD control systems, we provide a well-thought-out, stable and innovative technical basis allowing you to achieve your aims – whatever you want or need to automate. All series offer long life cycles in accordance with industrial norms. And the application software for a project is portable across all device classes and generations – throughout the life cycle. In addition, you can easily switch to the program-compatible successor generation during the changeover phase.  

With Saia PCD technology, you can modernize your systems and properties efficiently and sustainably. Our automation stations can be adapted to your specific requirements and needs – at any time and regardless of the future situation.   

Our products’ modular design protects your investments and offers the following benefits, for example if your technical building services (TBS) requirements have changed. You can upgrade to state-of-the-art systems without touching the I/O level. No additional space is required and there is no need for mechanical or control-cabinet modifications when modernizing. The terminal layout remains the same and there are no data point changes.   

Saia PCD technology is not only flexible and sustainable but also simple, fast and efficient.