Smart cabin automation

Passenger experience par excellencewith innovative and proven technology

Impress your passengers with a unique cabin experience and the ultimate in comfort.
Our innovative and smart all-round solutions make sure you can. Optimise your hospitality management processes at the same time and benefit from significant energy savings.

Flyer: Smart Room Automation


  • Comprehensive all-round automation solutions for seamless hospitality management
  • A top-class passenger experience in cabins and suites
  • Feel-good atmosphere thanks to a level of comfort tailored optimally to the needs of the passengers
  • Greater efficiency thanks to optimised operating processes
  • Dynamic energy management for needs-based consumption
  • Integration across disciplines

A top-class passenger experience

Innovative cabin controllers form the basis for an all-round cabin experience, reliably controlling the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, blinds and curtains – even Internet, TV and audio can be incorporated into the overall concept. Linking the cabin control system to the IT and infotainment systems can create entirely new cabin functions: cabin moods and wake-up calls which when combined with lighting effects, temperature changes and audio/video can magically create special atmospheres in the cabin. Passenger profiles are another option, allowing settings to be saved and recreated when the passenger next checks in.

  • ntuitive control via tablet or smartphone app
  • Selectable cabin moods (relax, business, etc.) and wake-up calls
  • Unlimited options for a cabin atmosphere with wow effect
  • Cabin pre-setting (lighting, air conditioning, etc.) according to the passenger's personal preferences

Optimum cabin conditionscreate a feel-good atmosphere

SBC cabin automation puts the focus on the passenger. Parameters such as heating, cooling, fresh air, lighting and shading can be preset really easily and extremely flexibly (in the form of cabin moods in accordance with the cabin usage), giving passengers full control of their own comfort experience.

  • Pleasant cabin conditions for maximum comfort
  • Cabin conditions adapt optimally to the individual needs of the passenger
  • Extremely easy to operate with the passenger in full control

Optimised hospitalitymanagement processes

The Saia Burgess Controls cabin controller can be integrated optimally in IT systems and blends seamlessly with your hospitality management. The cabin automation system adapts to your operating processes and increases the efficiency of hospitality management.

Thanks to the door locking system and the cabin sensors, the control system can detect whether a passenger, maid or maintenance worker is in the cabin and can adjust the cabin parameters accordingly. Cabin parameters and status are visible at all times in the management system and can be used to control your internal processes.

  • Cabin automation embedded in hospitality management
  • Simplified and automated operating processes
  • New options for perfect cabin management, maintenance and outsourcing
  • Access and status determination with door locking system and cabin sensors
  • One-box system with all modules required for cabin automation in a box that is custom-made for the customer

Maximumenergy savings

The cabin automation uses a sophisticated access and status management system (cabin cards, door sensors, motion sensors, cabin temperature and air quality sensors) to constantly adjust the temperature, ventilation and lighting to the current cabin use – fully automatically and reliably.

If, for example, the passenger leaves the cabin or the cabin is not yet reserved, the ventilation and temperature are switched to an energy-saving setting, and all electrical appliances are switched off. The all-round system only ever uses the barest minimum of energy, without sacrificing comfort.

  • Fully automatic, needs-based cabin automation with minimum energy requirement
  • Energy-saving modes taking into account weather conditions and solar irradiance
  • Virtual energy measurement creates consumption transparency in each cabin without the need for costly measurement sensors

Connected cabin automationwith open interfaces

From the primary system and local applications to operation, SBC cabin automation has open interfaces and connects all disciplines involved, such as HVAC, lighting and shading.

Communication is managed flexibly via BACnet, LON, KNX, Modbus, S-Bus and other protocols with the best possible impact on energy and operating costs. Web and IT integration always come as standard.

  • Open interfaces for connecting all disciplines: HVAC, lighting, shading
  • Web and IT integration as standard
  • Lighting control via DALI
  • Controls certified for sailing trips

Complete solution for today's hospitality management

SBC automation solutions are extremely flexible and compatible with all networks. They form the basis for comprehensive all-round solutions and straightforward integration across disciplines.

The Supervisor BMS acts as a central software platform for visualisation, interaction, monitoring and reporting. With their modular structure, our systems are perfectly matched to your individual requirements and can easily be expanded at any time.

  • Comprehensive solutions across disciplines for all aspects of hospitality automation
  • Compatible with all networks
  • Scalable modularity for individual customisation and flexible expandability
  • Supervisor BMS as a central software platform

Digitalisation and networking: shaping the future for a perfect passenger experience

Our all-round hospitality solutions are already the answer today to the cruise ship of tomorrow. All ship services are centralised, connected and integrated with the digital world. The customer's interests, profile and booking information are used via the smartphone to provide a more individualised and personalised service. For example, the cabin can be pre-set to reflect the preferences of returning guests, guests can control the cabin from their own smartphones and tablets and replay their personal entertainment contents on the cabin's audio and video system.

The cruise team can transmit a wealth of information such as events, menus, entertainment options, security and offers tailored specially to the customer profile directly to the guest's smartphone and tv. The hospitality system recognises bookings and activities and can control the cabin service optimally at all times. Everyone benefits from the comprehensive connectivity – from the cruise line to the crew to the individual guest. You can optimise your service offering as well as processes and revolutionise the guest experience at the same time. Meanwhile the passenger is impressed and more likely to return.

  • Comprehensive connectivity and digitalisation of cabin and hospitality systems
  • Use of data for optimising processes for the benefit of the cruise line, crew and passengers
  • Guest-centric, targeted and fully integrated in hospitality management to maximise customer satisfaction
  • Improved information, personalised offers and state-of-theart cabin control for the guest