We help your project business move forwardBecome a Saia PCD partner

The core of our SBC partner concept: While you hold the reins in your hand, we offer you the support you need – from freely programmable hardware for customised applications to comprehensive technical advice.

Flexible, tailor-made solutions

Educational establishments, hospitals, hotels, museums or even zoos – no matter where you wish to make processes simpler through automation: SBC’s solutions can be tailored precisely to different requirements. With their flexible programmability and high quality, our products also ensure sustainable, convenient and efficient operation of systems throughout their lifecycle.

The partner model

While you manage and accomplish projects, we support you in the background with flexible products, backed by professional and technical consulting – including for customised special solutions. That’s the idea behind our SBC partner concept, from which you benefit without paying any basic membership fee whatsoever. Of course, project business is and remains your métier. So that you can focus on it, we offer you purchasing advice, delivery and technical support from a single source – and we’re always close by and able to react quickly. The highlight of our licensing model: Company licences instead of single ones mean all your employees use the same licence for our PG5 software.