Energy optimization

Consumption data captureAutomatic, clear, efficient

Our range of products covers the entire spectrum: from components and field devices such as sensors, drives, valves and frequency converters to consumption data capture via S-Monitoring and even controllers and web HMI for operation and visualization on the management level.

The focus here is on resource efficiency. With SBC S-Monitoring systems, you can capture, visualize and influence electricity, water, gas and heating use. This makes sense wherever technology needs to be simple and reliable yet flexibly extendible – from residential houses to industrial plants.   

Using field devices, electrical energy is measured and signals from water, gas and heating meters are captured. The data is automatically further processed and visualized clearly by the S-Monitoring application. The system thus provides a high level of transparency as regards the use of resources. This works with just a few measuring points or thousands of measuring locations in various properties.   

The function for automatically capturing and saving energy meter values is already integrated into the operating system for the Saia PCD controllers. The S-Monitoring application works with all controllers with the ending xx60 and the programmable pWeb panels. As a result, data can be captured, saved and visualized with no great programming outlay. With S-Bus meters, this is all possible without any program in the controller. The data is saved on the file system. In addition to connected S-Bus meters, all meter values available in the program can be integrated.