Controlled energy use with SBC

Electrical distributionElectricity control to meet your needs

Decide for yourself how electricity is distributed in a building – SBC makes it possible with an individually configurable electricity supply control system. As a result, only the energy that is really needed is used – an important cost consideration from an operations, maintenance and energy point of view.

With the help of appropriate controllers, electrical distribution in a building can be linked to the electricity supply. This makes it easier to monitor systems and keep track of them. For example, energy can be saved by switching off certain sockets in a building at a specific time. For example, switching off the power supply for a photocopier all night can optimize energy use. The same applies to many other electronic devices which do not need to be ready for use round the clock. And this benefits not only your finances but also the environment!  

Other intelligent functions register when there is a power cut in a specific hotel room or part of a production hall. In this case, an alarm message is sent directly so that the problem can be rectified as quickly as possible. Solutions from SBC therefore not only have a positive effect on your budget but also help to ensure your safety.