Consumption at a glance

MonitoringEnvironmentally friendly and sustainable

Monitoring the consumption of resources is essential in order to improve overall energy efficiency and conserve resources. Monitoring plays an important role even when designing automation systems. Primarily because new norms, guidelines and laws are being enacted all the time.

The data the field devices capture is automatically further processed and visualized clearly by the S-Monitoring application. The system provides a high level of transparency as regards resource consumption – whether there are just a few measuring points or thousands of measuring locations in various properties.   

The S-Monitoring function comprises three parts: an autoscan of S-Bus energy meters and pulse counters, providing the meter values via CGI and saving the meter values in CSV files.   

If the S-Bus autoscan is activated, connected meters on the RS-485 interface are automatically detected and read. The permanent querying of meter data allows remote diagnostics for the S-Bus meters and bus connection to be carried out quickly.   

All data and basic functions can be retrieved via CGI tags. As a result, access is possible via the web interface or from other programs (e.g. MS Excel). There is no need for a FUPLA or IL program in the controller. One example is the Excel Report Tool: if this function is activated, the data can easily be imported into Excel without programming.   

Once a day at midnight, the values from the connected energy meters are saved in a CSV file on the controller’s internal file system. Daily, weekly and monthly consumption can be calculated from this data. If an additional memory card is inserted, the values can be saved at five-to-60-minute intervals. This allows consumption to be visualized over the course of the day.