Entirely new possibilities for automationWith cutting-edge SBC technology

Building automation usually refers to a number of sub-areas rather than one large unit. It is important to combine heating/ventilation/air-conditioning (HVAC), electrical distribution, lighting and safety components in an appropriate manner. SBC helps you to achieve optimum results by linking together all of these areas.

The individual sub-areas can be linked together either by separately integrating the relevant aspects or by integrating them jointly in a bundled manner. For HVAC in a building, this means that a primary system is responsible for the fine distribution of air, heat and cold in individual rooms. Optimum air quality, temperature and distribution can only be achieved if all elements interact. These and further aspects can be handled individually or in an integrated manner. Cross-discipline individual control with a single controller thus improves not only operating efficiency but also comfort and convenience for users.

Should further aspects such as protection and safety or energy efficiency in accordance with EN 15232 be taken into account in your system? In addition to classic building automation, there is a wide range of other possibilities which can be optimally tailored to your needs.