Automation that connects usOpenness and flexibility

“When I want to leave all automation options open and maintain long-term flexibility, I pick SBC and Saia PCD.”

This sentiment is shared by many of our customers, whether they’re system integrators, original equipment manufacturers, batch machinery manufacturers, planners or operators. They are all able to rely on the unique and open SBC automation technology. Our comprehensive product portfolio, with our automation stations at its heart, offers inspiring flexibility with simultaneously long life cycles of 20 years and more in accordance with industrial benchmarks. To ensure this, SBC maintains the highest standards when overseeing product development, production, assembly, logistics, training and support all “designed in Switzerland”.

Systems and infrastructures are complex and constantly changing. They grow and are modernised. On top of this, it must be possible to adapt them to altered operating conditions such as modern technologies and new requirements.  

A combination of open standards and our modular open and closed-loop control products for buildings, industry and infrastructure help our automation solutions adjust to any requirements in a sustainable and user-friendly way. This is thanks to strict and compliant quality controls as well as the unique POM (peace of mind) production principle. Use our automation devices over the entire life cycle of your system. Thanks to openness in technology, communication and application, we can ensure a flexibility that is valued around the world and serve as an irreplaceable provider of automation solutions. From building automation, industrial plants and infrastructure automation in transport and tunnels to energy, water, and district heating and cooling: our product portfolio covers the whole range. SBC solutions are also easy to control, and can be easily expanded, altered and adapted at any time. Clearly separated products and services ensure transparency and planning reliability in all areas. And this pays off.