End-to-end energy efficiency

Cutting-edge room automationFlexible and capable of being networked

Healthy room conditions are important for our well-being, our performance and our health. SBC room automation focuses on people because it is geared to the people who use rooms. SBC room and zone automation provides flexible, sustainable solutions for HVAC, lighting and shading.

Energy efficiency and convenience – at SBC, this is not a contradiction

Buildings offer enormous potential for reducing operating costs and CO2 emissions as well as for protecting the environment. The greater the level of automation, the greater the potential for saving energy. Indeed, a large part of the energy costs during the operating phase of a building can be saved by using an intelligent building automation system. With SBC, you benefit in two ways: energy efficiency class A with all full connectivity.  

The advantages in detail: Investors and owners save on operating costs – over the entire life cycle. And also because they receive a flexible solution which can be expanded according to requirements. Planners and architects are given solutions which are easy to implement, reducing their planning outlay even with tendering texts. With SBC, system integrators have an effective partner offering a comprehensive range of products, while users benefit every day from greater comfort and convenience.   

Connectivity is what matters – communication on all levels

From the primary system and local applications to operation – SBC room automation connects the applications of all disciplines involved. whether it be HVAC or lighting and shading. The freely programmable 4.3” Saia PCD touchscreen panel allows quick and precise operation as well as a visual image of all information – for today’s room automation across system groups. The flexible coordination of communication for solutions via S-Bus, Modbus LON, BACnet and EnOcean or DALI applications allows all energy and operating costs to be optimized – something that is worthwhile in the long term.  

The system of our PCD1.E-Line model range for example is optimally tailored to the various requirements in a room. The modules for air-conditioning, lighting and shading can be combined with your automation solution centrally or decentrally as required – SBC product versatility for your room automation.   

We know that room control is a very personal matter – both in visual and functional terms. You therefore decide which devices fit in best with your concept. The wide range of communication options gives you freedom to choose.  

When used together with a floor controller, the programmable E-Line I/O modules are ideal for automating rooms across system groups. The modules can also be controlled autonomously in the individual rooms. Thanks to their compact design, the modules can be installed in even the tiniest of spaces.  

Flexible combinations of modules and programming with template objects facilitate energy-efficient operation as well as simple and safe commissioning. And the high quality of the products guarantees a high level of reliability and a long life cycle in accordance with industrial norms.  

Since 1978, Saia PCD has been synonymous with free programmability and cross-generation compatibility. Applications can be adapted at any time and loaded during operation. Thanks to the hardware’s life cycle of over 20 years, servicing and maintenance are easy and efficient.