InfrastructureFlexibility and investment security

Infrastructure covers all complex systems that are connected and need to be measured, controlled and regulated. Flexibility and long-term investment security are key requirements, too. After all, infrastructures grow, are modernized and need to be adapted to take into account changing conditions. And this is exactly why SBC is the ideal partner for infrastructure automation – sustainable, flexible and portable.

With infrastructure automation, complex, connected systems such as a city’s water supply, the district heating supply for a residential area, the cooling systems for regions or traffic must be measured, controlled and regulated. Users want convenience, system integrators need robust products, while operators are looking for sustainable solutions to ensure long-term energy efficiency, reliability and profitability. We have these solutions. “Made in Switzerland”.  

Infrastructures are intended to last but are constantly subject to change. They are expanded, modernised and need to adapt to changing circumstances. Conventional automation technology is not designed to cope with this. Any modification or expansion is costly in terms of staff, time and expenditure. SBC products grow with your needs and adapt to the actual requirements. Where conventional automation requires additional proprietary hardware and software installations with high maintenance and operating costs, Saia PCD technology can be reprogrammed or expanded quickly and cost-effectively. This flexibility allows you to react more quickly when circumstances call for it. And that pays off – over the entire life cycle.  

Infrastructure automation with SBC offers maximum flexibility and reliability. Designed for a life cycle of 20 years or more. Open to all requirements, modifications and expansions during operation. With CPU redundancy for resilience. This guarantees trouble-free automation-system operation – sustainably and profitably.  Our range of products for system integrators and OEMs and our partnership – your recipe for success.