Designed in SwitzerlandEfficient, effective, reliable

Saia-Burgess Controls AG: Swiss quality since 1920. Ever since our foundation, we have been based in western Switzerland – a region famous around the world for technical innovations. In 1978, we began production of programmable controllers, making us one of the pioneers of PLC technology.

Swiss quality designed in Givisiez: Software, firmware and hardware. Upholding the highest standards in product development, production, assembly, logistics, training and support for partners and customers ensures greater efficiency, effectiveness and reliability. The principle of “lean production” supports environmentally responsible production and helps us adjust production capacities to current orders. Our products are delivered through our logistics division to customers in core markets in Europe and around the world. SBC uses cutting-edge machines for environmentally friendly production. This allows us to flexibly adjust production capacity to the current level of orders. Not only do all SBC products meet the toughest demands for quality, they also boast a long service life and enable reliable operation. Our quality management system is also certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

Alongside the strict requirements of the IEC 61131-2 PLC hardware standard, Saia PCD control technology also meets the most stringent demands of various testing authorities for marine engineering. Our meters also comply with the specifications of the EU’s Measuring Instruments Directive and can be used for energy billing without additional calibration. We also made the control technology in our Saia PCD1, Saia PCD2 and Saia PCD3 series far more resistant to interferences than required by CE standards. In addition, as infrastructure becomes smarter, it becomes even more important to protect it against cyber-attacks. For that reason, Saia PCD control technology also fulfils the strict cybersecurity requirements of the IEC 62443-3-3 SL3 cybersecurity standard. By always setting high standards for ourselves, we ensure safety and peace of mind for our customers, keeping you on the safe side in the long run.