Safe and healthy spacesfor your buildings

A healthy building environment helps people and businesses get back to work, reassures occupants that a space is safer and complies with today’s new guidance. The combined Healthy Buildings initiative technologies provide end to end coverage for each and every building system. Utilize the good air quality, occupant-oriented lighting design, sufficient daylight and adequate ventilation that are essential to a healthy indoor environment. We can make your building healthier, one step at a time, starting simply and adding on only when required.

The Honeywell Healthy Building project ensures that indoor environments are healthy for people to work and live in. This includes every type of building from many different business sectors, such as education, commercial and healthcare. We will make your building safer, help you know that it’s safer, and maintain that safety. Healthier buildings make healthier occupants, and transparency in that process boosts occupant confidence, all of which is protected via integration and ROI. We account for every aspect of building health and safety. Improving proper indoor air exchange can dispel odours, chemicals and CO2, all while balancing energy use. By using the right sensors and analysis, you can precisely monitor when and how your site is used, and then guide people to the free spaces they need, which also proactively supports social distancing. Humidity and temperature are just as important for building occupant health. Hitting the humidity target of 40-60% will decrease exposure to particles and improve occupant comfort. And the right temperatures improve wellbeing as well as confidence and productivity. Furthermore, you can catch issues before people notice with mobile data and alerts. However, perhaps the most important air quality factor today is effective filtration. Filtration devices, in addition to controls, sensors and analytics solutions, deliver safe indoor air quality. This reduces the risks of contamination by airborne pathogens and allergens. Today’s new normal requires an evolution in health, safety and security to adhere to updated guidance and standards. But that doesn’t require compromising sustainability, productivity or operational efficiency. From historic retrofits to new construction projects or iconic, one-of-a-kind buildings within critical infrastructure like hospitals, airports or schools—we’re here to help you.