OEMWe offer you a partnership

With its modular platform, the SBC product portfolio is an attractive option for cost-optimized volume applications with industrial requirements as regards quality and durability. The high level of internal value creation makes it a competitive, flexible and competent partner to the control and regulating systems for mass-produced machines, devices and equipment. The range of products in the OEM segment extends from standard systems with an OEM label or customer-specific interfaces to dedicated smart control solutions.

Mass producers of machines plan and work from a long-term perspective. At the same time, they are dependent on their suppliers. Minimizing procurement risks is one of the strategic challenges for OEMs. This is where SBC comes in. After all, we develop our products ourselves. This includes all the basic elements of a control system – the hardware, firmware, software, tools and the housing. This makes us a reliable partner and creates trust. Our customers know this.  

To achieve the shared objectives of the operators and owners of automation systems, a stable technical basis is needed. This basis consists of four basic attributes which all Saia PCD controllers have in common:

The modularity of hardware and functions allows a high level of flexibility and adaptability at all points in the life cycle covering more than 20 years.

We guarantee maximum portability because the application software for a project is portable across all device classes and generations throughout the life cycle. Even owners and operators can do this on their own.

At SBC, complete openness means that all device functions and data can be seen and used from outside. This openness is also provided in the engineering tool. After all, Saia PG5 software tools are accessible to everyone.

We also use non-proprietary technology: the automation functions of the Saia PCD devices are achieved with standardized technology which is known and used around the world.  

Since the end of the 1970s, SBC products have been synonymous with free programmability and cross-generation compatibility. This means that applications can be modified and loaded during operation at any time.