Long-term recipe for success

Industrial qualityProfitability throughout the entire life cycle

In light of complex developments and fundamental technical progress, what strategy will we follow in the future? Where will we be in five years? What about the cloud? Our products are designed for life cycles of 20 years or more. In the phasing-out stage, users can switch to the program-compatible successor generation. And this works. Even in the cloud.

Our technology is innovative, reliable and durable – and has been for decades. Since 1978, we have been producing automation stations that are robust, easily portable and compatible. Our operations are based on quality inspections that comply strictly with standards and on a unique manufacturing principle. We call it POM,  

which stands for peace of mind and means that you can use our automation devices throughout a system’s life cycle. You can adjust your controller to new or changed requirements at any time. Enjoy maximum reliability coupled with a long-term perspective. You can take our word for it.  

Our experience and Swiss quality are your guarantee. In Murten, we develop and produce software, firmware and hardware under one roof – in accordance with stringent requirements. That is precisely why we can fulfil customer-specific orders quickly and reliably. We manufacture our products on state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly machines and can flexibly adjust our production capacities to our order situation. Our quality management system, which is certified to ISO 9001, guarantees this. SBC’s lean production leads to greater profitability, efficiency and reliability. Through our logistics division, our products can be delivered to customers in key European markets and around the world.  

In addition to the strict IEC 61131-2 PLC hardware standard, Saia PCD control technology also meets the stringent requirements of various testing bodies for marine engineering. Our meters comply with the requirements of the EU’s Measuring Instruments Directive and can be used for energy billing without additional calibration. We also made the control technology in our Saia PCD1, Saia PCD2 and Saia PCD3 series is far more resistant to interference than required by CE standards. We set ourselves the very highest standards. This ensures safety and peace of mind for our customers. As a result, you are always on the safe side in the long run.

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