Supply security

Energy production and distributionSustainable, cost-effective, reliable

In the 21st century, an adequate and reliable energy supply is more important than ever: for companies to be competitive and for the public sector to ensure the provision of basic services.


Power stations and distribution systems must therefore be made more and more reliable in order to achieve the aim of 100% availability.

The objective of power-station operators and energy suppliers is therefore to ensure secure and reliable operation with few downtimes and maximum availability as well as flexibility as regards the needs of users – with minimal operating costs and maximum sustainability. To ensure a secure and reliable supply of energy, you can rely on our wealth of experience when it comes to automating energy generation and distribution systems.  

Demand for energy is growing all the time. With the latest technology both energy procurement and system maintenance can be optimized – in most cases without interrupting energy distribution. By properly replacing systems and their controllers, energy production can be increased enormously while keeping maintenance costs low.  

With its comprehensive FUPLA library, the Saia PG5 programming tool helps control engineers when programming and commissioning the system. With their extremely reliable key functions, SBC products have proven themselves when used by our customers.   

The energy meters provide an ideal introduction to energy management. They supply data to the Saia PCD controllers and web panels for analysis and logging. From commissioning onwards, the operating data are archived and are available for making improvements. In our broad range of products equipped for a wide variety of applications, you will find the solutions you need to permanently optimize your system.  

Good to know: with our standards, we already comply with many of the directives that are being prepared in the area of energy and environmental management. Our meters comply with the requirements of the EU’s Measuring Instruments Directive and can be used for energy billing without additional calibration, keeping you on the safe side in the long run.