Automation for production companies

IndustryEfficient tools, flexible applications

Openness in technology, communication and application and thus greater profitability in the long term. This is the essence of the SBC product range. With our robust Saia PCD controllers, web panels and energy meters, you get a system allowing you to put in place any type of automation.

With their modular platform, SBC products are an attractive option for cost-optimized volume applications which need to meet industrial requirements as regards quality and durability. This high level of internal value creation makes us an ideal, flexible and professional partner to the control and regulating systems for mass-produced machines, devices and equipment.  

Mass producers of machines plan and work from a long-term perspective. At the same time, they are dependent on suppliers. Minimizing procurement risks is one of their strategic challenges. This is where SBC comes in. After all, we develop our products ourselves. This includes all the basic elements of a control system – the hardware, firmware, software, tools and the housing. This makes us a reliable partner and creates trust. Our customers know this.  

The main benefits of automation with SBC products include qualities such as the openness of technology, communication and application, flexibility and modularity as well as great investment security. And in the long term, this means greater profitability for you. We supply the hardware and software tools, you provide the engineering. The know-how remains with you – a perfect synergy. This is what we mean by partnership.  

The openness of the freely programmable measuring, regulating and control devices is ideal for specific solutions. The application software can be integrated easily and reliably into your existing IT infrastructure. Every aspect of the operating system developed by us is geared to the needs of users. The PLC-based technology was deliberately designed to be sustainable. This means it can be adapted and expanded flexibly regardless of how the environment or future requirements change.