What our customers appreciate about us:Openness and flexibility

As a reliable partner, we provide innovative automation solutions for your technical infrastructure. The modular structure of the Saia PCD device series allows a particularly high level of flexibility for individual needs and future developments. Your investments are protected in two ways – by long life cycles in accordance with industrial norms and easy upgrades.

The freely programmable measuring, regulating and control devices are open in every respect and also meet the requirements of lean automation. The application can be integrated easily and reliably into your existing IT infrastructure. At the same time, every aspect of the operating system developed by us is geared to the needs of users. The PLC-based technology was deliberately designed to last. This means that it can be adapted and expanded flexibly regardless of how the environment (hardware or software) or future requirements change.

With our adaptable and reliable modular Saia PCD control systems, we provide a well-thought-out technical basis allowing you to achieve your aims. All series offer these product qualities. The application software for a project is portable across all device classes and generations – throughout the life cycle. Thanks to the completely open design, all device functions are transparent and can be used from outside. The automation functions are achieved with standardized technology known throughout the world.

A Saia PCD controller functions as a master for the attached modules. It takes over complex control tasks and acts as the interface to the control level. The integrated automation server and innovative Web+IT functions provide a visual image of the controls via web panels or browsers. Because it supports numerous protocols, our PLC system is the ideal link to other disciplines.

We have offered products and innovative technologies since 1914. And today, you can use them to automate whatever you want. Our partners for building, industry and infrastructure automation appreciate this, too. We provide the innovative technologies and products, and they come up with the solution. This is the perfect partnership! For our customers, this means transparency and greater certainty when planning.

To ensure that the highest standards are maintained in the monitoring of product development, production, assembly, logistics, training and support, SBC relies on Swiss quality - "Design in Switzerland". This makes all the difference.