PortfolioThe full range of SBC products

The Saia PCD automation stations are at the heart of our portfolio. What makes them special is the fact that they support all the open standards needed to connect automation to communication and IT. This is a good reason to rely on a PLC from SBC. After all, it allows automation to grow in line with your needs.

Our portfolio covers the whole product range – from controllers and web HMI for operation and visualization on the management level to consumption data capture and energy management and even components and field devices such as sensors, drives, valves and frequency converters.   

Automation stations: From the freely programmable measuring, regulating and control devices in the Saia PCD1, Saia PCD2 and Saia PCD3 series to the compact and easy-to-install Saia PCD1.E-Line, we provide everything you need for lean automation.   

Web HMI: Everything you need to operate and visualise your system – from programmable and non-programmable panels to Windows-based systems. This visualisation is the ideal way to keep track of your system.   

Consumption data capture: Whether it be electricity, water, gas or heating, our S-Monitoring system enables you to analyse the efficiency of your system and optimise the use of resources. This is possible in new installations or when retrofitting, with just a few measuring points or thousands of them.   

Components: From power supply units and field devices such as sensors, drives, valves and frequency converters to Ethernet switches and isolating amplifiers, we offer an extensive range of accessories for your automation needs.