Energy – sustainably and where it is needed

District heating and district coolingFlexible and efficient

With SBC, energy is used where it is needed. And only as much as is actually needed. Even today, this is generally not the rule. Whilst residential areas have continuous demand, building complexes with commercial and private use must expect quite different needs.

Saia PCD systems allow end-to-end automation of the entire system with no discontinuities. And this is by no means a given. After all, the major providers in the automation industry usually specialize in either industrial automation or building automation but not both. SBC closes this gap with infrastructure automation using Saia PCD technology and also allows the individual elements to be monitored and controlled from a central point.  

District heating

Saia Burgess Controls is the right place to go for automation – from generation and instantaneous heating systems to storage of district heating and its targeted use. With SBC products, you can keep an eye on everything. And you can react quickly if demand in an area supplied with district heating changes – whether it be a building, a district or an entire region. Everyone benefits from this flexibility.  

Conventional automation solutions often assign owners and building managers a contractually agreed quota of district heating, irrespective of actual demand and usage. If this demand is exceeded, supply security is often no longer guaranteed. And if demand is lower, the contractually agreed amount is still billed. Changes to programming or expansion of automation are often expensive and not viable since they require additional proprietary software that makes any modification to the system a cost factor.   

District cooling

Cold is just as important as heat. It depends only on the location. Automation technology is needed wherever cold is generated in central cooling systems and distributed to the surroundings. And SBC has the ideal solution for this. Saia PCD technology makes a significant contribution towards reducing the energy needed to generate cold, cutting service and maintenance costs, improving consumption data capture and increasing customer satisfaction.   

District cooling with Saia PCD technology can be integrated into complex building management systems for optimized operation by all users via standard interfaces. This enables operators to precisely determine their customers’ actual cooling requirements, to manage this better and hence to supply more customers without increasing capacity. Service and maintenance are less time-consuming and do not necessarily require the system integrators to be on site. Costs are reduced – without jeopardising system reliability or functionality.