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Saia Burgess Controls has been involved with marine control technology since 1997. SBC controllers are also used in safety-critical applications such as the controls for propeller thrusters and fire-protection systems. They are approved by all renowned maritime classification companies (e.g. Lloyd's Register, DNV, Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas).

Inspire with intelligent room automation! Surprise your passengers with a unique room experience. Our innovative room controller will thrill your passengers, while simultaneously optimising internal processes and saving energy.

The room automation uses a sophisticated access and status management system (cabin cards, door sensors, motion sensors, room temperature and air quality sensors) to constantly adjust the temperature, ventilation and lighting to the current room use – fully automatically and reliably. If, for example, a passenger leaves the cabin or the cabin is not yet reserved, the ventilation and temperature are switched to an energy-saving setting, and all electrical appliances are switched off. This is energy consumption on demand – the entire system uses only the amount of energy needed at any one time yet without sacrificing comfort. This reduces energy costs and helps protect the environment. And thanks to intelligent system connectivity, safety, e.g. fire protection, is improved too.

Our automation systems help you to save energy in a convenient manner:

  • Fully automated room control according to occupancy
  • and usage – the room only uses as much energy as required
  • Energy-saving modes taking into account weather conditions and solar irradiance
  • Virtual energy measurement creates consumption transparency in each cabin without the need for costly measurement sensors

The compact, ready-to-use room automation system can be put into operation immediately:

  • Approved by all renowned maritime classification companies (e.g. Lloyd's Register, DNV, Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas).
  • The entire room control system is packaged in a pre-fabricated box, seamlessly integrated into the ship's IT system

And the many functions of Saia PCD controllers provide numerous opportunities outside the cabins too:

  • Transverse thruster
  • Primary ventilation system
  • Ballast water management
  • Ballast water cleaning
  • Tank monitoring
  • Engine room management

More than 3,000 ships on all the seven seas already use Saia PCD controllers. Around 50 of these are equipped with the SBC room automation system too.