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Intelligent room automation

Comfort for you and your guestsSustainable and innovative room automation

Linking the room control system to the hotel's IT and infotainment systems can create entirely new room functions, such as moods and wake-up calls which when combined with lighting effects, temperature changes and audio/video can magically create special atmospheres in the room. Alternatively, guest profiles allow all room settings to be saved and retrieved again when a guest next checks in.

To optimize hotel management processes, the SBC room controller is optimally prepared for integration into IT systems. It also fits seamlessly into your hotel management.The room automation system thus adapts to your operational processes and increases the efficiency of your hotel management.  

Greater efficiency for hotel managers

Working in conjunction with the door locking system, the room can detect whether a guest, cleaner or maintenance worker is present and can adjust the room temperature accordingly. With the help of the management system, you are informed about the parameters and room status in all rooms at all times. This gives you full control over your internal processes and provides you with completely new options ranging all the way to the fully automated outsourcing of maintenance, room care and cleaning.  

Compact, connection-ready room automation

In accordance with the SBC room-box concept, the room automation system is packaged in a way which makes it easy to install and service. The entire room automation system is pre-installed and tested in a connection-ready room automation box. This contains high-quality standard components from our proven automation product range. The SBC room automation box is fitted and configured individually for you according to your specifications.  

And your guests can enjoy the innovative feel-good factor:

  • Intuitive operation via tablet or smartphone app
  • Selectable room moods (relax, business etc.) and wake-up calls
  • Unlimited options for appealing room atmospheres
  • Room pre-setting (lighting, air conditioning etc.) prior to check-in according to the guest's personal preferences