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Open communicationSustainability – now and in the future

Saia Burgess Controls is synonymous with openness and flexibility. This can be seen not only in our flexibility when it comes to individual automation requirements but also in the transparency and openness of communication. Thanks to open standards, SBC devices allow end-to-end communication which forms the basis for optimization and reliability in the operating phase.

The Saia PCD technology is open to all standards, making it easy to service, user-friendly and profitable in the long run. Our programmable logic controllers (PLCs) offer a further advantage, too. Their modular structure enables them to be tailored to any conceivable automation task.  

They can be operated via web HMI, computer, touchpad or smartphone – from wherever necessary. Some of the data are stored on the controller in CSV format and, once retrieved, can be read and processed further using MS Excel and other common programs. This, too, is a mark of openness and user-friendliness.  

In classic automation scenarios, the management, automation and field levels are cut off from each other and the outside world. In contrast, our automation pyramid is open – from the field to the management level. This allows end-to-end communication via the interfaces you need now or in the future.  

Every aspect of the operating system developed by us (COSinus) is geared to the needs of users. S-Net for communication between SBC devices includes the S-Bus system protocol. The protocol is optimized for our devices and offers greater functionality than other standard protocols (e.g. Modbus). It is also easier to use and more efficient than other systems.  

Our automation stations are durable, modular, robust and reliable. Both hardware and software are developed and produced here in Murten: Everything from a single source – with a one-piece flow for maximum quality and durability.  

The basic Saia PCD devices also support numerous protocols and up to 15 interfaces per controller.

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