Guiding water in the right direction

Automation in the water supplyFlexible, reliable, sustainable

Water.  Every one of us uses water and counts on it being delivered reliably and in perfect quality. Drinking water from the tap, service water for swimming pools or industrial processes. The degree of purity is strictly defined and is guaranteed by water treatment plants. With water, it is important to keep an eye on distribution at all times.

Whether you simply want to control one valve or automate the entire water supply for towns and communities – the SBC range of products is the ideal solution. Especially when simple applications become highly complex over time.   

SBC products offer the reliability that operators need. After all, every water system is geared to growth. Drinking water, service water and sewerage systems grow with the communities they serve. New distribution stations need to be integrated with every residential area or industrial estate that is connected. New systems and new information technologies need to be harmonised with the existing controllers. This is precisely where you benefit from the innovative Saia PCD technology with its openness to all freely available standards and support for multiple protocols on the same interface.   

The modular systems can communicate with the field level and are suitable for any type of station and system. Communication with the field devices is analogue or serial. Both integration of additional systems and energy monitoring are possible. All data can be time-stamped, saved and retrieved anywhere at any time via integrated web functions. In the event of an alarm, notification is given via e-mail, SMS or SNMP.

For you, SBC means free connectivity with any third-party devices and straightforward service without time-consuming training or expensive software tools – flexible, reliable and sustainable.